The Craft


Eye-opening … an epic, continent-spanning story that reaches right into the present.

History Revealed magazine

‘a superb book that reads like an adventure novel. It’s informative, fascinating and often very funny. Dickie recounts the history of freemasonry by breaking it down into beautifully written stories rooted in places crucial to the organisation. The depth of research is awe-inspiring, but what really makes this book is the author’s visceral understanding of what constitutes a good story’

The Times (London)

John Dickie ‘takes on this sensational subject with a wry turn of phrase and the cool judgment of a fine historian. … I enjoyed this book enormously. Dickie’s gaze is both wide and penetrating. He makes a persuasive case for masonry’s historic importance.’

Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times

The Craft is due for release soon, and as the reviews come in, they’ll be added to this page.

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