John's Film and TV work

John has co-written and presented a number of television documentaries, all of which draw on his expertise.

He is frequently interviewed on the news media and interviewed by journalists from around the world.

He is represented by Knight Ayton Management. For more information and a show reel click here.

De gustibus (aka Eating history: Italy)

A six-part history of Italy and its food that is full of horrors and delights.

This TV history of Italian food is now available on Amazon Prime in the UK.


The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers

A report on the latest operations against Italy’s most feared mafia, the ’ndrangheta.

The Cross and the Gun

Why are mafia bosses so devout? And what does the Church have to hide?

Holy Money

How rich is the Catholic Church? And why is it so bad at looking after its money?

Behind the Altar

Pope Francis has promised zero tolerance of child abuse within the Church. But the reality does not match his words.

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