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Washington laying cornerstone

Architect of the Capitol

The Duke of Connaught in Rhodesia

© Museum of Freemasonry, London


Photograph author’s own, used with kind permission of James R. Morgan III

Licio Gelli

Public domain

Baphomet magazine cover

Public domain/courtesy of Bibliothèque nationale de France

Coffin tracing board

© Museum of Freemasonry, London

Prosonno Coomar Dutt

© Museum of Freemasonry, London

Dollar pyramid

Public domain


Olivia Chaumont

Photograph author’s own, used with kind permission of Olivia Chaumont

St Paul’s Cathedral


Public domain


Images in The Craft page carousel




From Rite to Ritual

Danie Mellor From Rite to Ritual 2009
Collection: National Gallery of Australia

Thurgood Marshall

© J.B. Anderson Collection, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas

Salamanca fake Lodge

Photograph author’s own

Constitutions frontispiece


Christophe Dioux/ CC BY-SA 3.0


Truman portrait

© Greta Kempton. Harry S. Truman Library


Martin Delany

Public domain

Franco demonstration

Public domain/Courtesy of Biblioteca Virtual de Defensa

Masonic pavilion

Photograph author’s own

Headless corpse

Author’s own – from Juan Tusquets Terrats, Masones y Pacifistas (Burgos, 1939)


Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division/LC-USZ62-49988 

AA Serbian anti-Masonic poster

Public domain




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