De gustibus (Eating History: Italy)


A picture containing food, on a table

John is the only foreigner that Italians trust to tell them the story of their globally famous cuisine.

First transmitted on History Channel Italia in 2016, this six-part history of Italian food based on John’s book Delizia! has been shown all over the world.

It was History Channel Italia’s second most popular programme of the year.

Episode 1 – What the Romans ate   Spoiler: it wasn’t just one great big toga party .

Episode 2 – Holy food   Why did devout Italians make eggs out of rice and fish glue? For centuries, the Pope told Italians what they could and could not eat.

Episode 3 – Power lunch   From Renaissance princes to Fascist dictators, Italy’s rulers have brought power and propaganda to the table

Episode 4 – The private life of pasta     Who really invented pasta? And why did a King of Naples eat maccheroni with his hands?

Episode 5 – Going Hungry   Italy would not be the land of plenty it is today if it had not been haunted by hunger for centuries

Episode 6 – Viva l’Italia   200 years ago, European travellers thought Italian food was disgusting. What changed?

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