Mouthwatering … like lunch in the green hills above Lake Como or dinner at the horseshoe bays of Sardinia, Dickie’s book is sheer pleasure.

Financial Times

A feast of horrors and delights … hard to fault: densely researched, enlightening and consistently moreish.

Sunday Times

Holiday reading that informs as well as enlightens … a clever and provoking account of Italy’s history.

The Guardian

Delizia! is a page-turner, catnip to the gastronome, delving into the store cupboard of a uniquely rich culinary habit. . .  this is a thoroughly enjoyable book: perceptive, fresh-thinking, impeccably researched and a valuable addition to the serious literature of the table.

Literary Review

A brilliant and pleasurable work … John Dickie knows the art of storytelling.

Corriere della Sera (Italy)

 A literally mouth-watering read.

The Herald

Lots of books are written with passion about Italian food, precious few backed up with the deep historical background here presented in allegro con brio style by a clear-headed historian who rubbishes some too-persistent myths and replaces them with factual narratives no less fascinating.

The Times

Splendid, a surprisingly effective analytical approach… He is entirely justified in demolishing the theory that the Italian culinary tradition is the fruit of the country’s peasant roots.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (Italy)

Like a really classy cook shop, Delizia! is stuffed with arcane culinary facts and gadgets, anecdotes, recipes and stories.

Sunday Telegraph

Admirable in every respect … learned, enjoyable and wonderfully readable. Dickie’s nutritious banquet will be relished by all who adore Italian food.


Dickie’s book brings to life the pride that Italians take in their food, and the strong sense of identity that accompanies it.

The New Statesman (London)

This book is fabulous … absolutely marvellous … erudite, beautifully written and absolutely fascinating … The best book this year.

Independent Weekly (Australia)

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