Mafia Republic


A moving and even angry account of the mafias’ history… Mafia Republic is one of the most remarkable books I’ve read.

Samira Ahmed, BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves

A dismal picture drawn with expertise and mastery of detail by John Dickie. He combines narrative skills in his description of skulduggery with excellent pen-portraits of striking individuals. His reader-friendly, racy style becomes more sober and reflective when he offers points of analysis, and now no one anywhere writes with such authority on Italy’s criminal gangs.

Times Literary Supplement


John Dickie’s chronicling of the Italian mafias is both fine in detail and engrossing in narrative sweep.

John Lloyd, Financial Times


Italians often complain that foreigners are obsessed by the Mafia, turning a localised problem of organised crime into a stereotype that damages the image of a whole nation. Yet as John Dickie shows in this chilling and eye-opening book, the real problem is that the stereotype is correct… A fine book.

Bill Emmott, The Times


An engrossing narrative … the most authoritative and up-to-date account of Italy’s three major criminal organisations.

The Australian


Mafia Republic is cleanly, deftly written and the breadth of the research is formidable.

Sunday Business Post (Ireland)

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