Mafia Brotherhoods


Magisterial … absorbing.

The Scotsman

Mafia Brotherhoods is almost certainly the most ambitious true-crime assignment ever. The result is a stunning success: a sprawling, powerful historical narrative that is the definitive story of Sicily’s Mafia, the Camorra of Naples, and Calabria’s ‘Ndrangheta.

The Adelaide Advertiser

 Exciting and well-written, it plays out like a 19th-century Sopranos.


An exhilarating history, powered by the sort of muscular prose one associates with great detective fiction.

Financial Times

 … knowledgeable, readable and fascinating history.

The Age (Melbourne)

Dickie writes with distinctive Flair.

The Telegraph (Australia)

 Serious research delivered in a VERY readable way.

5 star review in

 Fine social history and hair-raising true crime.

The Independent

By shining a light so powerfully into the darkest recesses of mafia mythology and history, Dickie’s new book will certainly provide a concrete tool in the anti-mafia struggle.

Australian Literary Review

Fast-paced, impressively researched … essential reading.


Dickie compares the three major Italian criminal organisations, recounting their history from their origins to the Second World War. However, there are regular references to the situation today which provide the leavening for a book that blends the pleasure of storytelling with rigorous analysis.

Gazzetta del Sud (Italy)

Mafia Brotherhoods is a counter-history of Italy based on the fact that large-scale organised crime is a characteristic feature of the country. Dickie has written an overall history of the Sicilian mafia, the Neapolitan camorra and the Calabrian ‘ndrangheta. The result is remarkable and important. These three Honoured Societies have histories that are only partly similar. Their origins are to be sought in local conditions, in relatively recent times, as Dickie explains: and he is right.

Corriere della Sera (Italy)

This is a book that offers contrasting emotions: on the one hand, the intellectual satisfaction of finding explanations rooted in the past for the criminal behaviour of today; and on the other hand, the loss of heart that comes from being confronted with situations that have recurred again and again for a century and more.

La Repubblica – Palermo (Italy)

 An illuminating analysis.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (Italy)

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