Past Events

6 years 30 weeks ago
John talks in Ferrara to mark the anniversary of the Emilia earthquake

Terremoto e patriottismo

venerdì 10 maggio 2013, ore 15

Ferrara, Castello Estense, Sala dei Comuni

Organised by: Istituto Mantovano di Storia Contemporanea

tel. 0376.352706 , 0376.352713

6 years 31 weeks ago

Mafia Republic: democracy, prosperity and organised crime in Italy from 1946 to the present day.

John will be talking at UCL about his newly launched book, Mafia Republic

Venue: Arts and Humanities Common Room (Foster Court G24)

Time: 1300

All welcome! Booking recommended

6 years 32 weeks ago

BBC2 The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers: documentary presented by John

BBC2 “This World”: The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers

The Mafia’s Secret Bunkers is delves deep into the world of the Calabrian mafia, the ‘ndrangheta, now Europe’s most powerful criminal organisation. The police have recently stepped up their response, leading to an epidemic of hideout construction among the bosses. With unprecedented access to these secret bunkers, the programme is unlike anything you’ve seen on organised crime before.

6 years 34 weeks ago

Mafia Bunker: John presents a documentary on History Channel Italia

Mafia Bunker

John presents the Italian version of his compelling documentary on the hunt for fugitives from justice in Italy.

Watch clips and bonus material here.

First transmitted 2100 (Italian time) on 16 April 2013

6 years 34 weeks ago

Mafia Bunker trailer is now available on History Channel

6 years 38 weeks ago

In conversation with anti-mafia magistrate Alessandra Cerreti

‘Ndrangheta: la criminalità organizzata in Calabria e nel mondo

Alessandra Cerreti is a magistrate in the front line of the fight against what is now widely regarded as Europe’s most powerful criminal organisation, the ‘ndrangheta. This is a very rare chance to hear one of Italy’s anti-mafia magistrates in the UK. She will be speaking in Italian.

Venue: UCL, Engineering 1.02, Malet Place

Time: 1800, 18 March, 2013

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