Family Values


The sfregio, or disfiguring scar, was one of the most visible signatures of criminal power in Naples, but also in Calabria. Camorristi handed out razor-slashes as punishments both to one another and to the prostitutes they pimped. Sicilian mafiosi, by contrast, refrained from both pimping and the sfregio.



Mafia morality. A very rare Cosa Nostra rulebook, captured in the possession of boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo in 2007. Among the regulations crammed onto a single, badly typed page are: ‘Respect your wife’ and ‘The following people cannot become part of Cosa Nostra: Anyone who has a close relative in the police. Anyone who has emotional infidelities in their family. Anyone who behaves badly or does not keep to moral values.’ Controlling family behaviour, and controlling women, has been a secret of the mafia’s success since the 1860s.